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Northwest Florida

Northwest Florida Beaches are famous for their beauty.


North Florida

North Florida, the original Florida tourism destination.


Central Florida

In Central Florida, the natural beauty will surround you.


South Florida

Great RV resorts are scattered across South Florida


Did You Know?

The state of Florida covers over Fifty-Four thousand square miles with over 660 miles of beaches? Gulf and Atlantic waters as well as thousands of lakes and incredible rivers await your discovery!

Florida is nature's playground with gorgeous parks throughout, offering the finest Camping Sites for your RV, Tent, or Cabin camping desires.

The Sunshine State has mystified visitors since the first explorers dug their heels into the earth and began camping here five centuries ago. And now Florida's Parks belong to you. Throughout Florida you'll discover campsites that offer a buffet of sun, surf, soft breezes and fresh air. The temperate climate allows for year-round camping and endless outdoor activities. Once you lay your head to sleep in Florida Parks, the land will overtake your senses.

Many states can offer lush forests, sprawling rivers or endless coastlines. But few, if any, can offer them all. Florida can, making it unique in its natural beauty. Whether staying in an RV, Tent, or Cabins, Camping in Florida is the best way to touch nature directly, and - best of all - create memories that will last a lifetime. Getting outdoors in Florida Campgrounds is just too good to pass up. Come on, get out and Camp Florida!

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