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In the rodeo town of Arcadia, buy yourself a pair of cowboy boots and mosey around town to look at the circa 1880 buildings and antique shops. Follow in history's and cattlemen's footsteps (without having to sidestep cow pies) along the Florida Cracker Trail (Route 64) to Highway 27, Florida's artery through the heartland.

Avon Park's historic district dates back to 1912, with neo-classical and Art Deco flair. The Avon Park Historical Society & Museum at 3 N. Museum Ave., resides in the town's old railroad depot.

Arcadia hosts DeSoto County's annual fair each year in the month of January. Traditional features of pageants and talent contests in a carnival atmosphere, mix with livestock shows and sales presented by the local FFA and 4-H.

Arcadia is also the home of two regularly scheduled rodeos occurring annually during the second week of March, and the 4th of July holiday weekend. These events, hosted by the Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo Association, benefit many charities, college scholarships, and local causes. Members of the local community volunteer their time and energy to make each of the hometown events memories of a lifetime.

During the month of May, at the height of watermelon harvesting season, a local festival is hosted by the Florida Watermelon Association. The festival features a variety of pageants and contests, drawing locals and tourists alike.

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Arcadia, Florida- Arcadia is centrally located between Orlando, Ft. Myers; Sarasota and Lake Okeechobee at the crossroads of US 17 and State Route 70. Home to one of the largest antique shopping districts in the area. Arcadia holds several popular annual events such as The Desoto County Fair in January, the Watermelon Festival in May and the tri-annual All-Florida Championship Rodeo in March.

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Arcadia All-Florida Rodeo
Arcadia All-Florida Rodeo
Evolved from its pioneer beginnings in 1928 (competing cowboys and ranchers matched skills for local audience entertainment) to a national sport drawing top cowboy athletes from all over the nation!
Lions, Tigers & Bears
Lions, Tigers & Bears
A permanent 40 acre habitat for unwanted exotic pets, non-releaseable wildlife, and endangered species. Featuring a rehab facility for injured and orphaned native wildlife.
Peace River Canoe Trail
Peace River Canoe Trail
The dark, dreamy waters wind through cypress swamps, shady hammocks and hardwood forest. It is believed Indians inhabited the area since about 5,000 BC.

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